Winter Weather and Ice

Some winter weather and several days of below-freezing temperatures have been present this past week at McLeod’s Table Farm.  Thankfully, no power outages and we have not had any problem staying warm  Our children were out of school most the week and had a grand time playing on the ice, playing inside, and taking turns sleeping at grandmother’s house next door.  All in all, it was a fun, albeit not very productive week.

At McLeod’s Table Farm, we have never had a well.  Our water comes from a spring that is unusually large for the Sandhills of North Carolina.  As far as anyone can remember the spring has never gone dry and never frozen over.  It runs quite strong and this time of the year I have measured well over 1000 gallons per day consistently flowing from the spring.  We are really blessed to have such a wonderful supply for water.

One thing I have always loved is to go down to the spring during freezing weather because icicles form on the rock over the spring as water drips and seeps over the rock.  It’s almost as if a palisade of icicles forms in front of the spring protecting it from the outside.  The several days of sub-freezing weather this past week produced more than normal and they are really pretty to see.

Ice in the Spring 2             Ice in the spring 1


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